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image 2014-04-04
States Available

We are working on the intake of all States are available and the customer wishes to contract, we also cooperate through parts counter from all over the world providing the labor required in accordance with the mechanisms of the minutes and arrangements to deliver customers their dealings in time, we ...

image 2014-04-03
ِAbout Us

We office Recrutment able to work in the area of bringing Labor authorization of the Ministry of Labor No. 6 3701058), and we offer our business sectors and individuals alike, as well as companies and governmental interests by providing the cadres of trained manpower, specialized and high professionalism, with the ...

image 2014-04-03
Our services

Bringing home employment.The bringing of drivers.Bringing in domestic workers and workers of all professions and disciplines.Bringing the nurses.The issuance of visas.The issuance of electronic agencies (delegation of the email).The possibility of bringing trained labor already work (according to the available according to the agreement with the customer).